Friday, January 4, 2013

Walking In Darkness - Sensory Deprivation

Niewidzialna Wystawa in Polish, which translates as the The Invisible Exhibition, is currently a big attraction in Warsaw. The report I've just read says the idea originated in Hungary a few years ago, but I recognise it as identical to an exhibition held in London, beneath the South Bank arts centre in the mid-1990s. 
The exhibition is in complete darkness and consists of a guided tour for a small group of people through a series of mocked up everyday environments led by a blind person. At the time it was in London, I was deeply into experiments in sensory deprivation, so I went along eagerly. The experience was a..., well the expression which immediately sprang to my mind was eye-opener, which is inappropriate because the object of the exhibition is to give insight (oh dear another visually led word) into the lives of the blind. So revelation is the better word.