Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to cook a woman

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You are the prisoner of a tribe of cannibals. What recipe would suit you best?

Salad!!!! Gulp!

lol. this is an awesome question..they should cook me in a great big pot with lots of veggies (carrots, potatos, celery..), some herbs and spices..i'd make a delicious!

Braised. I am tough.. followed by a rather tart lemon sorbet just  to kill the rather bitter taste.

I want to say that I'd make an awesome sorbet, because I like that idea, but realistically speaking, I think me-sorbet would be pretty disgusting. Okay, I'd like them to serve me in tacos, then. With salsa verde. And plenty of hot sauce. I like Chilango's.

To get the full taste and experience they should eat me raw.

I would have to refer to Gordon Ramsey, but something with garlic, pepper, then broil and served over linguine with a white wine sauce.
my recipe would be vegetable soup (too skinny for a main course , lol) 

haha well, this is something I've thought of quite a bit (sarcasm), and I would have to go with some form of deep-frying with ketchup on the side.

Hmm, to be realistic about it, I guess they would want to cook a leg, or some part of the abdomen maybe? Humans are kind of stringy. To be silly about it, if I were actually going to be eaten, I'd probably just say, "Eat me!" and then giggle a little. And then get a little annoyed and sad because I was going to die.

oh my god..I don't believe in cannibals. Out of question to think about cooking me

chop me up in chunky, hearty pieces, brown the meat in olive oil, salt, dash of pepper. put in a crockpot with onions, peppercorns and ginger. simmer for 4-5 hours. add potatoes, carrots, green vegetables and fish sauce to taste. serves one small (30-40) tribe.

Roasted on an open-spit like they do pigs.  :) 
 Wow......that one was a surprise, but I'll go for it.......if I have to be "long pig" this is how I would like to be prepared: are you ready?
 Turn me into a giant Ice Cream Sundae. Use whatever flavor ice cream you like best. Then coat me with chocolate sauce, hot fudge, marshmallow sauce, fresh strawberries, chocolate chips, caramel and butterscotch........all with whip cream and marachino cherries in the right spots.......then lick me clean...................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm    YUM, my fantasy for years.......

I suppose they could roast me and put me in sandwiches the next day. It's hard to answer without having eaten myself before.

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Anonymous said...

Who is a cannibal and who wants to eat someone right now

Anonymous said...

Also he or she would eat me raw to get my good taste

Anonymous said...

If you want to eat me i need to be raw for my very good taste use any sauce idk but raw you can eat me with anything but i need to be raw i can be alive or dead just raw no cutlery only your hands and teeth ok

Anonymous said...

If you want to eat me ask me and send me your adress

Anonymous said...

If you like spicy i taste like that