Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vile May

Rain and hail bouncing off the window. Here is a May Song from my poetry collection Mothering Sunday

When I lived in London
I believed in True Love
and the passions of youth
ran warm through my blood
my arms were wide open
my heart was my Crown
my feet were quicksilver
and I sang through the town.

When May comes to London
light hums in the air
and blossoms burst out
in the parks and the squares
dawn comes by surprise
moist with soft rain
and the rain makes the city
sparkle again.

The heart has its summer
and its autumn days too
the dusk sinks from nowhere
and drives out the blue
eyes full of thunder
which were driving me mad
are clouded and secret
and make me feel sad

I'm sailing down South
where the sea it is blue
where the weather is warm
and the fishes fly too
goodbye to you sweetheart
with nothing to say
goodbye to the rain
and goodbye to the grey

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