Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What was your worst experience as a waitress?

A few years ago I invented an entertaining game for myself. Craigslist was an open highway then, and I would post a list of questions in the m4w personals across the USA, and all over the world and see who responded. I think I might have been the first person to do this, but there is nothing like the internet to undermine a person's sense of originality. I was certainly the most prolific. Here are some of the answers to one of the questions.
What was your worst experience as a waitress?

I grew up in a restaurant and I think being robbed was the worst

a guy asking for my number and leaving me a shitty tip

Does working the counter at Burger King count?  If so, the answer is dealing with a drunk group who wouldn't pay and got nasty.

I took an order for a party of 15 and forgot to give it to the cook- for around 30 minutes!  Fortunately, I plied them with enough booze, they lost track of time.

The fact that I was a waitress.

Umm.. how did u know I was a waitress? LMAO creepster! Worst experience was we had this banquet (by the way I was only 14) and I had to get everyones drink orders (over 30 people) and I got this guy sweetened iced tea, and he wanted unsweetened and he screamed and screamed at me.. (that was my last day ahha)

Being promised a big tip, worked my ass off, and they left me one penny....

There is none: I blocked them All out, they were so bad.

When a patron asked me if I’d ever been licked where I pee.

I have had the good fortune never to be a waitress. This might have to change soon, though.

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