Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Witch or Fairy?

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Would your rather be a witch or a fairy for a day?

A witch! There are some politicians in this country who would become the literal toads they are.

A fairy. Fairies get to fly around, pull pranks, and attend all sorts of fairy bacchanalia. Witches simply play around with brooms, construct houses out of baked goods, and stir huge cauldrons of mysterious mixtures. Sounds like a drearily domestic lot, I'd say. 

A fairy! who wants to be ugly for even a day????

A witch. I want 1 day off without pleasing anybody.

 My name means mountain fairy, so I guess this one's a no brainer. Plus, fairies have all the fun, pottering about with mustard seed and turning people into asses, while witches melt in the rain.

Why can't I be both?.....fairies here in the US mean homosexual men, that might be fun.

A witch. I pretend to be a fairy everyday for the sake of political correctness.. i need a break to be myself.

 A fairy, but it would have to be a camouflaged one. Surprise on someone's face is something I would not want to miss. If I appear as the typical fairy, the surprise would be ruined.

Wow, both are so appealing!! I would feel so much better about myself as a fairy. 

Fairy, I'm a witch at least once a month.

Seeing that I am a witch (really. i'm Wiccan) I  think I'd like to try being a fairy.
 Witch. No contest. I would make a crap fairy.

A few years ago being a witch would have sounded much more interesting. Nowadays I want to be a fairy.

As a mother I'm both a witch and a fairy everyday.

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